“I don’t talk Politics and Religion” – NOT an excuse!

Are youone of these people?  One of the people that claims they will discuss anything but politics and religion?  Why?  Are you afraid of offending someone?  This is not a good enough reason.  You can respectfully speak about anything with conviction and not offend someone. 

People become offended when they feel as if they are not being heard.  Have you ever been in a conversation when you say something you believe in, and then the other person says what they believe.  This is not a conversation, that is an example of “soapbox” talking.  In these situations, two people just relay their beliefs without thoughtfully reflecting and commenting on the other side’s beliefs.

 If you can learn how to listen, reflect, provide feedback (just basically be a good listener), then you can talk about the two most important topics that effect humanity the most.  Where is the sense in avoiding discussions about public policies, laws, God, and more.  Everyone is subject to both politics and religion in some matter – it’s time to grow up and begin addressing what is important in life.


3 Responses

  1. I try to avoid talking about them, mainly because most of my experience has shown people just get irate when your opinion doesn’t match their’s. And, no matter how hard I personally have tried to keep matters neutral, it inevitably becomes a matter of one trying to “convert” the other (and I’ll admit that I’m guilty of that as well).

    Personally, I try and move conversations of such topics away from politics and religion and to more general views–you can discuss an issue without making it political, and you can discuss spirituality without making it religious. I have no need or desire to hear or discuss Bush, Christ, Clinton, Allah, Buddah, Reagan, whatever.

    I don’t mind talking personal opinions on abortion, gun control, life after death, eternal punishment/reward, etc., but when you start talking Christian vs. Muslim, Conservative vs. Liberal, Right vs. Left, whatever, I have little use for it. Those are just labels used to either show who your friends are or who your enemies are, and I can do without them.

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  3. That’s a good position to have Mcory

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