Americans are being Lied to

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Whatever happened to “a new way forward” for the Iraq situation.  When the war began, I supported our involvement, but since that time, I have only become more and more frustrated with the administrations lack of respect for the American public. 

A news reports reads: “Get ready to go to Iraq, 35,000 U.S. troops told”.  What!?  Were we not told just back in January that we were giving a last ditch effort to “win” the war (which, by the way, is impossible since the war is on an adjective) by increasing our troops one last time.  We were told 30,000 troops then, and apparently that was a lie.  That or the current administration thinks we will not remember.  I don’t like either possibility. 

Supposedly the increase in troops is to help the army maintain the build-up from the beginning of the year.  I fail to remember ever being told about this part of our “new way forward”.  I was not under the impression that an initial build up of the troops meant we would keep sending thousands of soilders (sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, etc.) to a place where we continually see zero substantial progress.  The key word here is substantial.  Sure, I hear about and applaud the minor military and political victories we obtain, but where are the real lasting results.  Truth be told, there are none.  Religious convictions are taking over the shaky government, we will soon lose the ally we helped create due to the very thing that is killing our troops: religious extremism.

 Top off this whole slew of problems with a 95 billion dollar (wow, we are in some crazy debt) war funding proposal and you have the perfect recipe to make me lose faith in our elected government officials.  I am eagerly awaiting the 2008 elections.  And before you get too upset calling me a fanatic liberal, know that I voted for Bush to begin with – and I am thoroughly disappointed.   


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  1. The overall price is now over $400,000,000,000 for the Stupid Pointless War. This is an excellent post and I appreciate your willingness to look at the facts and base your opinions accordingly.

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