Global Warming = Our Fault


I can’t help but get annoyed when people believe that global warming is a natural trend for the Earth.  I’ll admit that there is a trend with the weather patterns, but not nearly to the extent that it is today (primarily due to CO2 emissions from cars, burning coal, and the like).  Current scientists are proposing new ways to reduce CO2 emissions (which affect global warming – a main reason that our winters are warming and weather patterns are more severe).

“the world has the technology and money to decisively act in time to avoid a sharp rise in temperatures that scientists say would wipe out species, raise ocean levels, wreak economic havoc and trigger droughts in some places and flooding in others.”

So what is stopping the world from being more “green” friendly?  Economics.  Statistically, it costs more to adopt a greener lifestyle than to continue as normal.  For example, environmentally friendly light bulbs initially cost a few dollars more than traditional ones, so people are reluctant to pay “so much for a light bulb”.  However, replacing all your current bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs will save you money over time because they use less energy and have a longer life span than traditional bulbs.

The big talk now is about ethanol.  Ethenal can be extracted from grains and other plants, then mixed with gasoline to dilute the concentration.  The problem is, there simply is not enough gas stations with an ethanol option.  However, ethanol is only a temporary solution to prolonging the life of gasoline (which is predicted to run out in the 21st century).  Some believe we should make “ethanol only” cars.  Although the idea is good, there simply is not enough farm land in the world to create enough ethanol to support our current petroleum consumption.

It’s time to stop denying the facts – we are responsible for the global warming issue.  If you want to find out more information, the links below can get you started:
CNN Article on Climate Changes
Global Warming: The Warming Signs


2 Responses

  1. How would you change your private life to protect the environment?

  2. Ok, my truest frustration about this topic lies in the political arena. We have one side denying global warming exists. The other side trys to convince its existence. So, this issue stays political, and we all know what that means….it becomes a divisive issue and not one that creates change.

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