FYI for Those of You that Care


I’ll keep this one short.  I thought that there must be an easier way to relay political and religious information to those of you have come to visit my blog.  Today I signed up this blog for FeedBlitz (link can be found directly to the right under the very first”subscribe”). 

This service takes Politics and Religion’s RSS feed and puts it into email.  The theory is that everyone has email.  Feedblitz monitors the information you care about and delivers it to your inbox. Simple. No gurus required. No software to install. And because it’s email, unlike typical web services, you can look at the content offline in your email software – on your laptop, phone, PDA, at the airport, wherever you can read your mail.

Multiple Feeds, One Daily Email. Each night (US East Coast) the free service checks on your feeds (hopefully this blog is one of them), figures out the changes, and sends you a single, easy to read email with all the information at your fingertips. If there are no changes, you won’t get a message, so FeedBlitz won’t clutter up your email system with worthless emails. Even with an online aggregator having a daily digest backup is useful, as your email software has search, sort and indexing capabilities that many aggregators simply don’t.

In Short: Sign up to the right if you want to have my posts delivered to your email inbox once a day.


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