Gross Violation of Religious Freedom

Just a couple of posts ago (Big Surprise Iraq) I discussed the emergence of a hidden Shi’ite agenda within the higher echelons of the Iraqi government.  Naturally, we should not have been surprised by this; all one has to do is look at the history of this turbulent area.  The effects of the Shi’ite agenda seem to be taking its toll on the young “democracy” – specifically, on religious freedom.

Because of horrific crimes such as torture and rape, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom added Iraq to a “watch list” (whatever that means).  Who else holds a spot on our “watch list”?  Well, as of now, Afghanistan, Belarus, Egypt, Bangladesh, Cuba, Indonesia and Nigeria.  Apparently the violation of religious freedom is so great in Iraq that many members of congress are pushing the Commission to take the next step.  But what does that even involve?  Certainly it can’t mean us sending in a “peace force” (which, by the way, is an oxymoron). 

Well you can breath easly, the next step doesn’t involve sending in troops.  According to officials, if Iraq doesn’t stop violating freedoms, then they will….get ready….be put on the list of “countries of particular concern”.  Pretty scary huh?  Don’t get me wrong, I love the U.S., but I think the reason I am sometimes sarcastic is because I care so much – and frankly, putting a country on a made up list doesn’t save real people from really horrific deaths and abuse. 

A major problem with this issue is that the Iraqi government is behind some of the religious freedom violations.  You can bet that the United States wants to keep Iraq as an ally, but like I mentioned before, it is obvious that there are two different visions for Iraq.

According to one report: “[T]he Iraqi government’s failure to control such actors could ultimately constitute tolerance of egregious, ongoing and systematic violations of religious freedom.”

Of course it will.  This is not surprising news by any means.  In fact, I am willing to bet that it will continue because the government is a major contributor to the problem.  I suspect that we will see more news of this (religious) nature in the coming weeks/months.


2 Responses

  1. Dear J,

    I do not like this. I’ve known about this since the beginning when they were attacking the Christians. However, I do believe there is an answer, among many.

    The documentary, Islam vs. Islamists, gives the moderates a voice. Remember how many of us keep wondering, “Where are all the moderates? Why do they not condemn these terrorists?”

    That is what this documentary shows, and that is why they do not want us to watch it.

    There is no religious value in it for you and me, but we must not remain ignorant and silent. That is all I was stating. 😉

    I pray you are having a wonderful day. May His Peace be upon you.

  2. That was pretty neatly written. Its such a mess when relating to Bangladesh, isnt it ? Check out what I found out about Bangladesh Government Sites!.

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