Big Suprise Iraq

It has been reported that the Iraqi government has created an “entity” that is designed to carry out an extreme Shi’ite agenda in the country.  Well, who didn’t see this coming?  It is quite apparent that an Iraqi government without religious ties is simply not possible.  I’m sorry, but a carbon copy U.S. constitution would/will never work, ever, in the middle-east.  (By carbon copy, I am specifically referring to the separation of church and state ideal).

I addressed this issue in my post Religion in World Politics.  The Islamic religion, calls for it’s presence in the government – excluding it would be counter-Islam, and therefore frowned upon by Allah.  Should we be surprised that Iraqi officials have an extreme religious bias, and wish to make their bias stronger?

“Sources say the 24-member office is abusing its power, increasingly overriding decisions made by the Iraqi Ministries of Defense and Interior and potentially undermining the entire U.S. effort in Iraq.” (CNN)

This leave us in quite a pickle doesn’t it.  Apparently, there are two separate visions of Iraq.  One America wants, and one Iraq wants.  Tony Snow (White House Spokesman) had the following to say on the issue:

“It is vital for the success of an Iraqi democracy to have security forces that will enforce the law fairly, regardless of who you are or regardless of what group you belong to”.

Regardless of what group you belong to?  There have been fights in the middle east between members of different groups for centuries upon centuries.  I don’t mean to be a “Debbie downer”, but we are fooling ourselves in thinking the kind of “utopia” Snow describes is possible.


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