Should Olmert Go? Israel Thinks So


Should Israeli Prime Minister Olmert step down?  Like most world leaders today, he has seemed to marginalize his country with investigations and poor decision making.  The final straw for many Israelis?  The 34 day war against Hezbollah this past summer.  But what exactly was wrong with this war?  Shouldn’t Israel have a right to protect herself?

 Well, the issue has to do with Olmert’s decision making.  Many feel that he “rushed” the country into a war and did not persue other options other than military force (massive military air strikes).  When he did decide to use the military, it was reported that he didn’t analyze the militaries plans close enough.

Olmert promised to crush the terrorist regime and retrieve the two soldiers that were taken captive – neither goal was accomplished.  In wake of that failure, Olmert’s popularity plummeted to almost single digits according to a political poll.  Olmert’s cabinet is now starting to fall apart, beginning with the resignation of Eitan Cabel.

“Cabel said Olmert ‘must resign’after a commission probing the inconclusive war against Hezbollah fighters listed on Monday severe failings on the part of the premier, Defense Minister Amir Peretz of Labour and the army chief, who has already quit.”

The tighter Olmert squeezes, the more his cabinet slips through his fingers like grains of sand.  The answer is clear, Olmert needs to listen to public opinion instead of blindly, and ignorantly, doing what he thinks is best for the country.  Israel needs a competent leader given the immense trials they face as a nation on a daily basis.  Perhaps Olmert can become that leader, or maybe there is a more viable option (the Israeli people seem to think so).


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