Oh Big Deal Wolfowitz


It is likely that you already know the scandal going on with World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz.  If not, the short of it is that the world community is in a tizzy because he promoted his girlfriend and gave her a substantial pay increase.  I have mixed view on this issue…. (1) What else is new, and (2) shut up Wolfy.

Really now, are we making this problem a bigger deal than it needs to be?  Do people know how often this kind of thing goes on in the world today, all over the place.  I am by no means supporting his actions (face it Wolf, you got caught), but it is common sense in society that it isn’t “what you know” as much as “who you know” that matters.

The “good ol’ boys”  is what it is called in business – everyone looks out for each other.  Think it isn’t happening?  You’re wrong.  Look at all major corporations (heck, even small ones) and you will see an overwhelming majority of the higher up individuals are white males.  Does this happen by accident?  Perhaps.  In fact, people might not even know they do it – but the point is, it happens.  In the end, stop making it a bigger deal than it is…so we found a corrupt politician playing the system – is that a novelty? 

So now we are left with Wolfowitz arguing that he won’t give into “smear campaigns”.  <Sigh>… Sorry Wolfowitz, no one is going to have any sympathy for you, so stop trying to play the victim.  You got caught, now face repercussions (and yes, those repercussions include people wanting you out of office).  In short, just shut up.

 In my opinion, kick Wolfowitz out – he messed up, he got caught, so let’s replace him (and he is certainly replaceable)….but if he happens to stay, I sure hope I don’t hear more “feel sorry for me” plugs from him.


4 Responses

  1. The question is will he be replaced, after all GWB is still backing him!

  2. well, i certainly think he should – but who knows if he will be. At present time, I believe there are more issues regarding human condition that deserve more attention.

  3. What’s the point of holding high public office if you can’t put your mistress on the payroll? Ask presidents from France to Mexico. (Bill Clinton, of course, got his concubine for free.)

  4. […] little while back, I wrote a post regarding Wolfowitz’s actions, and how they were pretty much nothing new.  Well, low and […]

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