“U.S. needs a bigger Army faster” …. Dream On!


I shook my head in pitty after reading an article on CNN.  According to General George Casey, the army needs to be increase by 65,000 people by 2010.  I’m sorry, but unless a draft is imposed, then those kind of numbers will not be reached.

Another method that the Army could use (and has been using for about a year now) is to lower their standards for entry.  I feel like that solves an immediate “problem” only to potentially create greater problems down the road.  Let’s face it, the previous standards for the Army weren’t too difficult.  Granted, individuals with learning disorders (A.D.D. or A.D.H.D.) had trouble with the test, but the majority (even the extremely poor students) pass the Army requirements.

This calls into question the strength of our Army.  Now I don’t mean how much damage we can do, but I am referring to the number of quality soilders.  Being a soilder is a profession, and just like there are poor professional business men and women, I’m sure there are poor soilders as well….the only difference is that they have a lot more on the line. 

Here’s my suggestion:  If you want a bigger army, then stop spreading the current force so thin!  We don’t need to be everywhere, all the time – let’s get some help from the world community with peacekeeping efforts. 


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  1. I agree with you! It would be better to use that money on something else – health care, or….
    Added your blog to my blogroll!

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