ALL ABOARD! Next Stop: Temptation Station


ALL-ABOARD!  Next stop: Temptation Station!

It’s no secret, we face temptation every single day of our lives.  Humanity is unified by Christ, but we are also unified in our struggling battle with temptation – but what is temptation?  Although temptations vary person to person, temptation in itself is anything that allures us away from what we know is moral; away from God’s word.

Here is a process that I use (although not with perfection) to conquor temptation:

1. Identify
it is important that you can adequately identify and define what is tempting you, make yourself aware of what is happening instead of just blindly acting on the temptation.

2. Think Jesus!
Once you identify and define the temptation, immediately think of Jesus (his life, works, words…whatever works for you).  Over time, you will automatically begin to think of Jesus whenever confronted with temptation.

3. Don’t do it!
Hopefully by putting your thoughts to Jesus, you will gain strength through his name not to committ to the temptation

Perhaps you have another method?  Feel free to share with everyone!


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