Jack Rhodes: World’s Toughest Bully


Jack Rhodes must be the toughest man alive.  He is so scary that even the elderly are afraid of him…

Oh wait, they’re not. (Victim says attack hasn’t intimidated her: “I’m not fearful at all” -CNN.com)

I cannot believe that people like Jack Rhodes exist.  He has made a profession out of crime and intimidation, with a special niche: the elderly.  Jack Rhodes (using his full name is more fun) is being charged for mugging a 101-year-old woman.  The poor woman (Rose Morat) was leaving her apartment, walker in hand, and was suddenly punched in the face by big man Rhodes.  And for his “troubles”, Rhodes became $33 richer (unfortunately, not enough to buy himself some morality)

Other great accomplishments in this man’s profession of crime is his mugging of an 85-year-old woman and a 51-year-old woman (I’m a little confused on why Rhodes decided to deviate from his standard 3 quarters of a century age preference). 

After being arrested, this crack addict issued a statement from his lawyer:

“I am so sorry for what happened”

Sure Jack Rhodes, we believe that.  Face it, you are sorry that you got caught, not that you have been knocking over and robbing senior citizens.  That’s okay though, you’ll have plenty of time (25yrs to be exact) to think about what you did to the elderly….of course, by the time you will be a ripe 69 years young yourself.


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