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 Granted this is the first post, but let us begin as if I have been here for years.  Today I am going to discuss the news article: Student arrested for essay’s imaginary violence found HERE, taken from cnn.com

Let’s be frank, what in the world was this young man thinking.  Given all the media attention as of late to school violence, I am uncertain at the motivation and intelligence of this individual.  His father contends that he is an all A student.  But here is a message to his father: just because someone get’s good grades does NOT mean he is smart!

Allen Lee (the young man who wrote the essay) said the following, “In creative writing, you’re told to exaggerate,” … “It was supposed to be just junk. … There definitely is violent content, but they’re taking it out of context and making it something it isn’t.”

Okay, I agree that it is ‘creative’ writing, but honestly, writing about having sex with dead people after killing of them… I am really at a loss of words.

I am willing to agree that this individual (stupidly) did this assignment without ill intent, but it does raise an interesting question:  do the parents of Allen know their son entirely?  I think it is evident that in the Virginia Tech massacre, the parents of murder Cho did not really know their son.

Parents, spend some time with your children and understand what they are involved with, how they think, etc.  Instill some values and demonstrate a genuine interest in their lives.


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  1. Hey Justin, I think what you’ve said is true, I just look at cultural influences as well as the immediate family. My point was he is a logical product of US culture and rather than address that the adults resort to denial and suppresion, both externally and internally. Presumably once he completes basic training and is deployed in Iraq the violence he perpetrates there will be praised as heroism by his elders, his mistake was to exhibit his psyche in the wrong arena.
    Anyway good luck with your blog.

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